Monday, February 13, 2006

never returning again

again, I remember certain story happened a year ago
a place where between uncertainty and sadness
the story still lingering in my heart
minute by minute, day by day
little bit by little bit disappeared

When I Open my heart, I embrace the whole world
dreams will appeared and disappeared simultaneously
everything seem confortable when you can endure it
I didn't realize it was already one year and two months
after all, we are passing through many days separately

I have been going through many lonely night
the past that we would never undergo again
the past that would never returning again

this world keep changing
when you standing right there to wave good bye
My subtlest memory begun to blur the day we found love
my heart keep stronger and stronger than ever
Never look back at your differing heart

we are still one although we had already separated physically

memento of valentine


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