Monday, August 01, 2005


January 15, I accompanied her to train station
something unusual come accross my heart
I don't know why my heartbeat slighly unexpected

foot step trembling unable to stop
mouth sealed with thousand of unspoken words

the train will set out soon
heartbeat become stronger and stronger
finally you told me
you had fallen in love with someone else

my ears seemed couldn't believed
couldn't believe what you have said just now
my lib was frozen unable to speak
my brain in total confusion
my heart stop for a while
astonished eyes looking at you

tears keep falling down on your cheek
you said, this feeling has already exist
falling in love to somebody else
since we are apart, since we are far away

this uncontrolled feeling of hers
already infiltrated one by one
my shadows fade away slowly in her heart
vanish from hers deepest feeling

I inniated, from now on our relationship end here
although I don't want to end this
but I have no choice.........

the train left me, only wave goodbye
the tears keep falling down on her cheeck
this is the third time our relationship end
the other two times because of different perspective
but this time because of third person appeared between us

what happened on earth.....could you tell me?
is it a really genuine love exist on this earth?
useless true love of mine
meaningless love of mine
finally repayed by broken heart
I drowned

goodbye my dear
don't weeping on this happening
not because of we are different
not because of your fault

perhaps this is what we call uncertainty of life
perhaps this is what we call wandering of life

sough heart linger in my mind
carry on lingered in my heart
untill endless sadness

our love story end in here
here in january 2005


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