Tuesday, August 23, 2005

forgive me

everytime I received your message
you know how I really wanna reply it

everytime I saw you are calling me
you know how I really wanna pick it up

everytime you sent me private message on messenger
you know how I really wanna talk to you

those times you contact me by any means
you know how I really wanna ask
"how are you dear?" just simple question
"how have you been this time?"

please forgive me,
forgive me for being ignored you
ignored you since our last meeting

my heart is like a tree have been cut down
my face is pale like a white snow on the ground
my heartbeat is like an unstopable wave

please tell me, what should I do next
please tell me, what way should I take next

please forgive me dear.....

my heart will still there for you and care for you
Still I'm sure, oneday we will love again,
if fate can bring us together again

I can't find another heart,
a heart to replace your heart

I'm willing to be alone forever
although all the people in this world laugh at me
they said I'm insane and a stupid fool

but please forgive me....
forgive me for everything...

I'm on the way to be what I used to be


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