Sunday, July 31, 2005

sincere love

the sun goes down raises again tomorrow
the moon disappeared in the mist

moment when your eyes see trough my heart
I urged myselft to approach you
I put my faith on you
I believed in you cause you're my only love

I felt stunned all over my body
I felt an instance of changes
I found you because you found me
I loved by you and
it's altered me to love you totally

I just wanna tell you the truth
I loved you, only you that I love
I miss your hug, your kiss
I wanna kiss your forehead
I wanna tell you how deep is my love
I wanna let you know how sincerely my love is
but, this true love seemed doesn't stand on our side

I lost in lonely night
I lost on long long journey
I lost on the way home
I lost you when you weren't here
I lost my feeling when losing you

I will never love someone else
I will never live the love without you,
I will never change my heart
I will never stop waiting for you


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