Sunday, July 31, 2005

sincere love

the sun goes down raises again tomorrow
the moon disappeared in the mist

moment when your eyes see trough my heart
I urged myselft to approach you
I put my faith on you
I believed in you cause you're my only love

I felt stunned all over my body
I felt an instance of changes
I found you because you found me
I loved by you and
it's altered me to love you totally

I just wanna tell you the truth
I loved you, only you that I love
I miss your hug, your kiss
I wanna kiss your forehead
I wanna tell you how deep is my love
I wanna let you know how sincerely my love is
but, this true love seemed doesn't stand on our side

I lost in lonely night
I lost on long long journey
I lost on the way home
I lost you when you weren't here
I lost my feeling when losing you

I will never love someone else
I will never live the love without you,
I will never change my heart
I will never stop waiting for you

Friday, July 29, 2005

life is like a boat

time passed by never looked back
the unforgetable moment on oct 3rd 99
the most beautiful day on my life
the boat of life stop it's journey
because the boat found it's harbour
the warmth harbour to soothe my heart

life is really like a boat
when the harbour changed it's heart
the boat have no choice
unless to continue the journey
to the destination no-where
no-one know no-one care
and perhaps this is a never ending journey

the waves keep coming to your life
you can't escape although you've tried many times
but, when you ever get lost on the ocean
the waves would lead to another day

I never thought I'd feel this way towards you
I really need you to come along
I need you to fill my life with love