Thursday, May 19, 2005

a gift from yogya

a night to remeber
a place to recall
a moment to recollect
a memory to remind

journey to kalasan temple
bringing back those
unforgetable memory
wonderful moment
beautiful place, and
romantic night

you sent me a gift
a gift reveal your sincere heart

you write my name and your name there
and you insert 'love' in between
it was really touch my deepest heart

I believed, you still remembered
that gift was bought from yogya

I kept one and you are one
It was a long lasting promises
promises to stay together no matter what

I realized, no eternal love between us
and now........
I discovered, I'm the one who being naived

Friday, May 13, 2005

tell you honestly

though I would back to you one day
hard for me to say goodbye
although it won't be the same as previous...

the moment when we go different ways
you are always appeared on my dream

what I felt is hesitation although imbue totally

tell you honestly....
my love is still alive

perhaps, we couln't opened up our heart
it's time to stop blamed anyone, but
I wish you were there...
dreaming me too