Friday, April 29, 2005

rainy days

precious moment of life
carve on your heart
a night to remember
between you and I

my unforgetable moment
that nigh of rainy day

my unforgetable place
that small and simple room

cold cold night
you hold me tight

long long night
you make me alright

my mind was frozen like an ice
my heart was beaten faster and faster
never felt like this before

rain drop keep falling
heartbeat keep beating
wind keep blowing
night keep on going

those wonderful rainy days
save on my heart forever

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

5 years mean nothing

time will wait no one
it keeps going on never turning back
you are even unable to stop it
although only for a second

love it or detest it
never going to change anything

tired of stable relationship?
go and find someone else
fill up your tiredness

tired of your tiredness?
go and find someone else again
fill up your empty heart

tired of your empty heart?
go and find someone else again and again
fill up you unsatisfied feeling

you will tired, tired and tired
you will empty, empty and empty
you will unsatisfied, unsatisfied, and unsatisfied

when will you stop this desire?

I'm not frightening you
I'm not making excuse
I'm not making up story

sooner or later
you will learn how to cherish
to cherish everything you ever had
to cherish someone ever in your arm
cheris those moments
cheris those kindness
cheris those loves
cheris those years

5 years end up with tears
5 years end up with empty hand
5 years end up with slice in heart
5 years end up with deep cut
5 years end up with unwell feeling
5 years end up with worried
5 years end up with feeling guilty, and
5 years end up silently


5 years mean nothing to you

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

heal my heart

only those who ever hurt will know how pain it was
love bring about happiness on the other hand
it also gave you endless suffering

these days, I was trying to recover myself
recover from my endless suffering
restore my mind and heal my heart

escape make you more suffer than before
so, from now on, I'm ready to move to another stage
a new stage full of new hope

I won't drowned myselft continuosly
I won't let my mind suffered deeper and deeper
I won't give up my final goal to perfection

I'm going to heal my heart
to a brand new start
to a totally new chapter
without depending on her anymore

thank you for making me growth wiser
thank you for making me move one step ahead
thank you for making me see through my pain

thank you for making me understand everything about love