Thursday, March 10, 2005

keep on drowning

full of desperate.....
do you ever felt like this before?
why do you fooling around like this?
why do you keep on drowning?

I can't get my mind out of you
sleepless night always be my very best friend
I enjoyed late night, I enjoyed silent

those lonely night accompany me trough my desperate time
those memories only keep me drowning further and further
no one can help me get up.....

why? why? why?
why the first cut is always the deepest?
and why she broke my heart into pieces
why this feeling keep taunting me endlessly

I want to live my life normally,
I just wanna be with her forever 'till the end of this world
I don't want to keep drowning like this forever,

please tell me, what should I do next.....


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