Saturday, February 19, 2005

instant noodles

woke up in the morning
suddently she dissapeared
I looked around, and found her in the kitchen
smiling at me and said
"this is your favourite noodle and fried-egg"

eating noodle and fried-egg enjoyed morning cartoon
with her, life is beautiful and wonderful

I miss those time
when we spent most of our time together

nothing is left behind
only sorrow and memory

Sunday, February 13, 2005

you are

no any single words can described this
no one could understand this
no one would belive this

you are sacrificing everything for me
you are wasting your time just to accompany me
you are hurting so much just because of me

you are giving me your everything
you are giving me your smooth touch
you are giving me your wise advise
you are giving me your sweet smile
you are giving me your warm hug
you are giving me your tender kiss

you are as kind as my mother
you are as bright as the sun
you are as beautiful as the full moon
you are as delicate as the stars above
you are as blue as the sky up above
you are as wide as the ocean

you are my everything
you are all I have, and
you are the best I ever had

Saturday, February 12, 2005

valentine eve

that night we were listening to the radio program
the DJ asked about valentine origin
the one who can answer correctly
will get 2 free candle light dinner voucher

by coincidenced she read an article about valentine
so I encouraged her to phone the radio station
all of sudden, she was the third person who phoned

and it was a big surprised, she won the voucher
we were very happy

the next day has come
I didn't remember what we were doing all day long
we didn't collect the voucher
but we were happy that valentine night
although no candle light
although no romatic dinner
we talked to each other a lot
we are content on what we have in our heart

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Feb 05, 2005

Hollow in my heart still hangging around
suddently swimming pool appeared on my mind
yes, that is VIP,
swimming pool somewhere located on setiabudi street

I went there alone
but I didn't know why
my sense told me, she was here

after swimming several rounds
I sat on one side
looking at the blue sky
almost fade away by the darkness
I saw her face smiled at me
I saw her wearing blue swimsuit

iddle for a while
I realized that was just an illusion